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Misty Slopes

Element Care

Unconventional solutions for your environmental problems

Environmental Worker

A Bit About Us

Our Value

Element Care work to provide sustainable, effective, and energy effective to maintain healthy environment. We have network in various fields. We strive to work on new challenges. We brought together our knowledge to provide module solutions for pollution treatment and off grid living.

Learn About Our Services

We work within a large variety of sectors and undertake specific services, such as Water Management, Ozone Treatment and Off Grid Living. Whether your needs are simple or complex, our team at Element Care has the expertise and the experience to find long-lasting solutions.

Underground water tanks

Water management is essential to prevent flood and drought. The tank can also be used as wastewater treatment tank.


Ozone generator for water and air treatment.

Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent and can be used to treat water and air.

Ozone industrial.jpg

Off Grid Comfort Smart Living Solution.

Off Grid Comfort Smart Living is powered by solar energy alone. The home is designed to have fresh clean and cool air good ventilation. Smart solution for security system with keyless entry and biometric authentication.

Misty Slopes

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For more information or quotation, please contact us.

64 Intamara 37 Intersection 2, Suttisarn Winijchai, Ratchadapisek, DinDaeng, Bangkok, 10400

092 882 0264

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